We deliver a clean and attractive interface that makes content creation easier.

We improve success rates in training processes using predictive analytics technology.

Blackboard Open LMS users are more productive because we streamline training through course resources and activities.

A brand new virtual way of teaching and coaching with contents that can be seen and used in all mobile devices.

We integrate activities and tools to the specific needs of the organisation.

Effective solutions for day-to-day problems – our technology improves employee training and management processes

Blackboard Open LMS solution

Idle participants, platform dropout, rejection of experiences.

Snap is a graphic theme exclusive to Blackboard Open LMS. Snap dramatically improves the base LMS with an easy-to-use intuitive and attractive interface.

Frustration about content creation processes and use of resources.

Access to content and management of content through a repository.

Lack of knowledge at the instructor level regarding capacity-building activities and behavior of participants.

X-Ray Learning Analytics provides deep insight into learner behavior and identifies important trends that affect learner achievement.

Limited access and experience for people with disabilities.

Blackboard Open LMS is fully accessible and replicates the user experience for everyone.

Lack of motivation and interest.

Our tools enable the creation of engaging, interactive, and customisable content.

What our clients think

Arab Academy With the implementation of virtual tools like Blackboard Open LMS, it will be no longer necessary to be present in a classroom. Learn Arabic was never so easy.

Omar El Kheshen, Managing Director Arab Academy. El Cairo, Egypt

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