Improve teacher and student adoption with a modern, easy to use interface.

Easier tools for follow-up, content creation, and providing feedback and scoring.

Engage parents and students with a personalised and fully customisable learning experience.

Save time, resources, energy, and budget with cloud hosting.

Create a more reliable Moodle experience with regular maintenance, upgrades, and enhancements to core Moodle.

We anticipate online education needs

Blackboard Open LMS Solution

Students unwilling to use education platforms.

Snap improves the base LMS with an easy-to-use intuitive and attractive interface that is accessible and responsive on all devices.

Frustration about content creation processes and use of resources.

Access to content and management of content through a repository.

Parents feel frustrated or have problems to see the academic process of their children.

Follow-up solutions and participation with virtual meeting classrooms, group video conferencing, shared performance reports.

Teachers are not aware of the students performance in the courses.

Blackboard Open LMS reporting tools.

Complexities to determine promptly what students are about to fail and which resources are key in the academic success of students.

Predictive analytics available to the teacher by X-Ray Learning Analytics.

Limited access to certain activities or resources in mobile devices.

Blackboard Open LMS is 100% adaptable to mobile devices and guarantees full availability while replicating a high-quality user experience.

Limited access and experience for people with disabilities.

Blackboard Open LMS is fully accessible thanks to its compatibility with assistive technologies.

What our clients think

Blackboard Open LMS is used in grades 6 to 12. Each group has access to a Course, and can see their work and the teacher’s feedback.

Andrew Chiu, Educational Technology Coordinator, American International School Hong Kong. Hong Kong SAR, China

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